All About Hacienda Heights (allabouthh.org) is an effort to bring together and to make internet ready positive resources, efforts, and contacts within the Hacienda Heights community.

Because many resources are scattered, hidden and/or buried on the Internet, this site attempts to expose resources and information that may have been previously unseen and/or unknown.

It exists for the sole purpose of convenience.  It does not attempt to replace those entities but is an effort to create a springboard or stepping stones to those resources. It may replicate resources to being order and/or completeness but do not intend or attempt to supersede any resource. There most always will be a link to the original source.

Though All About Hacienda Heights has a Facebook, Youtube, USTREAM and Twitter presence, it is not my goal at this time to fully utilize those resources until the website itself is more fully populated with relevant information. Links to those resources are at the bottom of every page.

The site was designed so that regardless of the device being used- desktop computer monitor, tablet, or smart phone, the site would be easy to navigation.

This is a work in progress so it is not static; it will change and grow with time. After reading, understanding, and agreeing to the Terms of Use, feedback from you is welcomed.

About the Logo:

In set theory, all elements of a particular set are diagramed by placing the set within a closed circle (see Venn Diagrams). Since our attempt is to compile (in one place) access to All About Hacienda Heights, the “HH” has been placed within a closed circle-  plain and simple. Thanks for asking.

All About Hacienda Heights