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All About Hacienda Heights FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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Who runs All About Hacienda Heights?

A community member of Hacienda Heights just like you. I have no business, polictical, or status reasons for doing it.

Where is the Hacienda Heights July 4th Parade website?

In 2013 I found that the parade website was a single page with six different fonts and six different colors of fonts (view)- not very attractive. It also only had a single link to the Parade Application- not very informative. After working with one parade committee member, I hosted and created a new version of the parade website. I placed the site here in the All About Hacienda Heights environment.

I offered the hosting, design, development and maintenance of the new website at no cost to the parade committee, with one condition- they agreed to that one condition. However, that condition was not met by the committee. Therefore, the development of the parade website is back into the hands of the parade committee. Parade information is currently presented here in generic form and for historic sake.

The new version of the website had reached 5,851 hits with 89% of those hits coming from the All About Hacienda Heights website viewers- you! Thank you all for the positive feedback and for the many return visits.

If or when the parade committee developes their own website, it will be at: http://hhjuly4parade.org.

Outdated documents?

There are many sources of documents presented here on the site. As you may know, Garbage-In-Garbage-Out. If the group does not send me updates, I try to get the update another way. I have approached many organizations for source documents and many are continuing to pass along their updated materials. Those I update and we all enjoy them. However, not all organizations are as mindful as others and some simply will not send them to me because “you are not an ‘Official’ organization”. To them I simple snicker, because the “official” websites that they do serve, don’t keep their sites up-to-date even when those current documents are sent to them or are available. Also, one group attempted to insert unnecessary delays into the process of obtaining up-to-date info, so I simply obtain it the faster way (without their involvement)- I also avoid the strings that get attached. So, if you find outdated material here, the reason most often is that the documents are not yet available, they have not been sent to me, or I have to get them another way and I have not yet found the source documents.

Why is the Aletheia Church listed first on the Churches page?

I’ve received many emails about this and the answer is the same- The Churches page is an alphabetical list of churches. A before B, B before C, etc… Aletheia starts with an A… :)

Hacienda Heights Community Center- Classes, jobs, and rental information.

This website is NOT the Hacienda Heights Community Center website. For Event information go here, Class information go here, for rental information go here and for job information you can give them a call at (626) 333-3250. You might be able to obtain some info at what appears to be their website here.

We sent you information to post but we don't see it...

Subject: If you send us information or items to post, please ensure that they are applicable to Hacienda Heights. The scope of this website is Hacienda Heights, not other cites, nor the promotion of any business. If we find that the information can be sent elsewhere where it can be publicized, we will forward the information as appropriate.

Quantity: We invite and welcome all Hacienda Heights related information and content however, some entities have a history and/or tendency to bombard or dominate everywhere they go. We will post most anything and most everything that is HH related, but if we feel that you are attempting make All About Hacienda Heights website ALL about YOU, we will limit that behavior.

Format: We don't mind work, but we do prefer you pre-formatting your content. Photos can be any format but when sending documents, please attempt to send PDF format.

end faq