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John A. Rowland Home

John A. Rowland Home


John Rowland was co-leader with William Workman of the first American pack train of settlers into Southern California, arriving in Los Angeles on November 5, 1841; soon thereafter, they secured title to the La Puente Rancho.

Rowland's first home was an adobe, built directly north of the present home. In 1855, he built a brick house with a detached adobe kitchen for his second wife, Charlotte Gray Rowland.

In 1897, Rowland's daughter, Victoria, and her husband, Josiah Hudson, remodeled the home, changing the slope of the roof, stuccoing the bricks, and adding a kitchen. Their daughter, Lilian, later made a few other minor changes in the interior of the home.

The Whittier Narrows Earthquake of 1987 (October 1st) measured 5.9 on the richter scale and rendered the Rowland home unsafe. Thanks to the efforts of the La Puente Historical Society and their supporters, through service, labor, materials, and finances, the restoration efforts are showing great results. Here is the Rowland Home today- July 2016:

The house is currently closed and waiting more structural repair.