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There are two organizations that are primary sources of historical information about the land and the early settlers of Hacienda Heights (Rancho La Puente). They are The Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum and the La Puente Valley Historical Society. Both are local.

The Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum has many events that are held throughout the year. Particularly focused on the Workman and Temple family.

The La Puente Valley Historical Society is also a fine resource for information about the land and the early settlers- particularly John Rowland and La Puente City. They are directly involved with three entities:

  • The Heritage Room is where Artifacts, Materials, Objects, Diaries, Journals, Personal Papers, Newspapers, Publications, and Records can be seeing, read, handled and discussed.
  • The Rowland Home is the first two story red brick structure in the area and is still standing.
  • The Dibble museum is a museum, once water tower, that has tours throughout the year that many of our local school children have fond memories of the fun activities experienced while attending these tours.

For more recent historical information, our local Library can be visited.

  • Our local library has a couple of small shelves that house many Articles, Newsletters, Pamphlets, and Publications that are directly related to recent Hacienda Heights history. The library’s website is also a well designed and highly functional place to visit and use.